Portable Air Conditioner Repair

When to Hire a Portable Air Conditioner Repair Service

Professional portable air conditioner repair services are very important for people who do not have central air conditioners. A portable air conditioner is a great option during hot summers. Nevertheless, like other appliances, this air conditioner should be maintained regularly and sometimes, it will require repair. This air conditioner is commonly used by people who do not require heating or cooling throughout the year. However, after a long time of not being used, your portable air conditioner can develop problems that may necessitate repairs. Such problems include the following.

Failure to start properly

A portable air conditioner can fail to start for various reasons. Some of these reasons are also the cause of complete malfunctioning of the air conditioner. For instance, the power cord can be damaged. This means that the air conditioner will not start because it will not receive power from the outlet. The timer can also prevent the air conditioner from starting or even make it stop working. Additionally, if you do not set temperature of the air conditioner, it might not start properly. When temperatures are low, the unit will turn off immediately or not turn on at all.

Failure to cool the room

The air conditioner will take time to cool down the room during a hot day. This is usually the case for large rooms where ceilings are high. Nevertheless, if the room remains warm even after the conditioner has been running for an hour, you should hire a professional portable air conditioner repair service. This is because the air conditioner might have a mechanical problem that might be hindering it from performing optimally. Your air conditioner might need cleaning or even replacement of some parts. Since you might not have the necessary skills and experience to diagnose the exact problem, you should seek professional assistance.

Limited air flow

If you detect that the air flow from your portable air conditioner is limited, you should seek professional assistance. This is because the filter could be damaged or dirty and it should be replaced or cleaned. The air conditioner interior can become quit dusty and dirty. Removing and cleaning the filter is not only time-consuming, but you can also damage the filters because you are not experienced in doing the job. Frost in the evaporator coils can also limit air flow of the air conditioner. This occurs when water fails to drain from the air conditioner properly. This leads to build up of water and eventual freezing in the coils. This hinders air flow. A professional technician will remove excess water to ensure that the coils are completely dry.

Musty smell

Musty smell can imply that your air conditioner has a mildew or mold problem. Mildew and mold has a tendency to grow in portable air conditioners that retain water. This is because wet places are ideal for spores to breed. Mildew and mold in a portable air conditioner will lower the quality of air in a room where the air conditioner is used. However, just like other problems of portable air conditioners, you can solve this problem by enlisting a professional portable air conditioner repair service.

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